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"Hey, I just met you. And call it crazy. But if Candi weren't your girl, I'd be your baby. So here's my number! Bro, call me..." Okay, honestly, I'm making stuff up as I go.

@GONE: I usually wait 'til update day to respond, but I figure whatever for this situation because one, it sounds like you had surprise sex with eight people. Go you! Purple streak unnecessary! LOL Also, the only pussy that Cinna is drowning in is Candi's. Hee.
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  The hell is up with this situation?
December 14th, 2012, 1:34 pm [ Reply ]

From zero girls to drowning in pussay... (just an expression, don't get mad internet)
I think I'm going to get a purple highlight to see if I raise the number of people going after me... The old ones are getting pretty boring! MUAHAHAHAHAH! (lightning in the background)
Okay, I don't have that many people after me or surprise sex from anyone (almost anyone), just like 8 people if I count both sexes....

December 22nd, 2012, 5:45 pm [ Reply ]

@Sugartoast: It wasn't with all of them xP Most of them was just surprise making out.
It was just hanging out with one of my best male friends and BAM! Surprise-Makeout-Time-That-Got-Seriously-Close-To-Rape-Time... Needless to say that I'm never going to be alone with him again. It was specialy weird since there aren't a lot of guys revealing to anyone that they are gay in my age (17), most of them are still in the closet but can still be pretty obvious

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